Portsmouth Poetry Society


50th Anniversary Reading

Our celebratory reading will take place on Tuesday 19th July at 7.30. At St Francis Church Hilsea, Portsmouth, PO2 9LX. All are welcome.

There will also be a new edition of Calliope featuring poems by members.

Portsmouth Poetry Society Programme 2021 – 2022


The Portsmouth Poetry Society meet at 7.15 –  9.30 on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at St Mark’s Church, Derby Road, North End Portsmouth P02 8RY. The following programme has been arranged for 2021-2022. We hope to resume our normal meetings this coming term. Please note ‘change of space’ we will meet in the church upstairs.



1st  Sept:         Free For All. Please bring any poems you wish to share.

15th Sept:         Find or write a poem that has colour as the theme.

6th   Oct:          AGM plus Free For All. Please bring poems you wish to share.

20th Oct:          The Poetry of Sarah Teesdale.

3rd  Nov:         ‘The Corner Shop’ – find or write a poem.

17th Nov:         Short Forms: Triolet, Tanka or Cinquain. Please write or find.

1st   Dec:          Loss of open spaces. Change as result of building developments.

15th Dec:          Christmas Party TBA, make first words of lines rhyme instead of last or start poem Once upon

5th   Jan:           Free For All. Please bring poems you wish to share.

19th Jan:           U. A. Fanthorpe and her partner – R.V.  (Rosie) Bailey.

2nd  Feb:          Free Verse – introduced by David Green. Please bring examples.

16th Feb           The Poetry of Rupert Brooke introduced by John Dean.

2nd  Mar:          Pick a poem/use theme to write your own poem. Bring both.

16th Mar:          Poetry Inspired by Myths. Own choice.

6th  Apr:           Free For All. Please bring any poems you wish to share.

20th Apr:          Detectors : Interpret this theme as you wish.

4th   May:         The Poetry of Corrine Roosevelt Robinson – 1861 – 1933.

18th May:         Free For All. Please bring any poems you wish to share.

1st   Jun:           A Cycle Ride: Find or write a poem.

15th Jun:           Outing, to be arranged.

6th   Jul:            Outing Poems plus Free For All.

20th Jul:            A Railway Poem: Journeys, farewells, scenic, outings, vintage.

Meetings are open to anyone with an interest in poetry. You don’t have to write to attend. A charge of £2.50 in made for casual members. Full members pay £13.00 per term. If you have any questions, please contact Denise Bennett secretary on 023 9248 0577 or email denisebennett1912@gmail.com





Brian Wells, Howard Wood and I were at the very first get together of people who might like to form a society. We met at David Palmer’s house, along with his wife for a number of times, then at the Harvest Home in Copnor Road, in a small bungalow building, and Doris Bealing came along shortly after that. Denise (Bennett) was pretty soon afterwards. David invited me after publicity surrounding my book, Dust and Dew – and a short film produced by Southern TV with Christopher Wain plus an article in The News.

David taught my daughter Ruth, at the old Northern Grammar School. The Palmer family were very talented. I think the first meeting at David’s house in Mayfield Road would have been in the early 1970s. as my book came out 1969. I seem to think that Denise joined when we were meeting at the Shearer Arms. At the very first meeting David’s lounge was crammed full, mostly with young students. Brian and Howard were friends due to their stamp collecting hobby.

Jos was one of the early members, but she went away for some years and re-joined us when she returned. Connaire Kensit also was an early member as well as Joan Lister,  who became chairman. I think both Brian and Howard were chair at some time. And, of course, Trevor Clark, was one of the very early members and much loved by us all. I became his ‘next of kin’ and when he died produced his poetry. John Roberts was very early, too, and I off-loaded boxes of Trevor’s poems to him. Big Boxes. Trevor died around 1994. Joan Lister would know of many more, and there was a very talented Sen Gupta, who both drew and wrote.


Yes, I was an early member joining in 1973 when the group met at The Shearer Arms. I was introduced to the society by Brian Wells who I met at Winchester when I was receiving a poetry prize. I have been secretary for over 30 years and still have a members book dating back to 1972. I have seen many comings and goings.

We held meetings in the WEA/Adult Education Centre, New Road for a few years.
Members of the group have, at various times, read on Radio Solent, in libraries and at Portsmouth Museum. We have also produced a number of anthologies of members’ work including a past and present one.

The cup which is presented to the winner of our competition each year is affectionately known as The Rummage Cup since Howard Wood, one of the founder members, bought it at a rummage sale.

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Please use this contact form to get in touch with our Secretary, Denise Bennett.

For urgent matters she can also be contacted by telephone on 023 9248 0577.

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